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Monday, 22 January 2018
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The Satan Papers
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Written by Kevin   
Thursday, 23 June 2005


You probably read the title and wondered "what the hell is this?" (no pun intended), so let me explain. In college I wrote an opinion paper for my English class. As I normally do, I decided to pick a topic that would be controversial to most people, in this case the good side of Satan. Yes, is seems strange, but I do believe it came off well and I ended up getting an "A" on the paper.

One of my favorite memories of this paper is the fact that we had to have it reviewed by random classmates, and one of my reviewers (I never did find out who) put the following comment on my paper, "I refuse to comment due to my own bias.". It was ironic that I wrote a paper about how there is always a different way of looking at things if you are opened minded and got a comment back from someone who was so closed minded.

Soon after the paper was written I published it to my web site, along with another paper I wrote on Satan later in the class, where it remained for many months (maybe even a year or two). Eventually I rebuilt the web site, and "The Satan Papers" were removed and did not appear on my new site.

Jump forward almost 10 years to now.... My good friend Ryan has been asking me for almost a year now for the return of "The Satan Papers" to the web. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the original paper from my class, or the electronic version I put up on the web. So now I will write it again to the best of my memory, along with some new views/ideas that I have formed since the paper was originally written. I hope you enjoy.

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Written by Kevin   
Sunday, 02 September 2007

My wife recently found in our paper's my original writings from college that eventually came to be known as the first of "The Satan Papers".  There were some follow-up papers later in my college career, but I'm pretty sure they have been lost to time at this point.  So, without further ado.... I give you "The Satan Papers"

Mankind's Unsung Hero


Alternate Views From Above and Below

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