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Monday, 22 January 2018
CA History
Here you will find articles on California History.
For those who know me, History has always been a fascination of mine. Of course, living in Southern California, I have read about, studied, and visited many historical sites around the area. Here, I hope to post fascinating (or at least interesting) articles on the History of California.

St Francis Dam Disaster Print E-mail
Written by Kevin   
Sunday, 17 October 2004

Pre-Disaster Dam75 years ago the Los Angeles Area suffered one of the worst disasters in the state's history -- second only to San Francisco's great earthquake and fire in 1906. The St. Francis Dam and reservoir, located approximately 50 miles north of Los Angeles, was intended to serve as a backup supply of water in case the flow of water from the Los Angeles aqueduct was interrupted. Built by William Mulholland from 1924 -1926, the reservoir held nearly 13 billion gallons of water enough to supply Los Angeles for an entire year. However, shortly before midnight on March 12, 1928, the dam suddenly collapsed, sending a huge wall of water, mud and debris hurtling down the Santa Clara river valley towards the Pacific Ocean, 54 miles away. In the end over 450 lives were lost and as much as $25 million worth of livestock and property was washed away.

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