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Written by Julie   
Monday, 25 October 2004

   Have you ever felt like a nerd at these school parties, well I certainly do. I thought I had school put behind me, and lo and behold, now there's my kids' school stuff to contend with.  Our Thanksgiving party at school was very cute. Kyle had a good time and he tried to sing louder, although he fidgets and is not very happy with that much public attention. (He sings very quietly). He also told everyone that he was thankful for sharks. Where does that come from? I dunno, I'm just the Mom. Looking around at the other Moms thinking, really, he must be getting into the kiddie cold medicine and having weird hallucinations. Kevin thinks it's hilarious and wants his son to be like Dr Evil, thankful for "Sharks with frickin laser beams on their head". Explains a lot to me, Kevin's Mom said he had some weird trips on the kiddie cough meds, they must not be over with entirely....

    I felt kind of nerdy though, camcorder in hand and nothing fascinating to talk about. Other Moms seem to have fascinating lives that take them to fun TV tapings and spa days, while I am the more standard laundry and child wrangling Mom. I salute the Moms that get out to do fun stuff, and say throw off any guilt you might feel from doing so. I would be there but Blake would lay on the floor near the door and whine until Kevin had to take a drink.

    So the next time ytou are at a school function and one of the Moms or Dads seems like an alien invader, not used to the social strata, throw them a bone and go chat. I may not have fascinating fun stuff that I can talk about, but I appreciate the effort.


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