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Friday, 23 February 2018
....And now the holiday season is upon us. Print E-mail
Written by Kevin   
Saturday, 04 December 2004

Yes, somehow we've made it to December, and the year is almost done.  We just finished our annual holiday trip to Disneyland for the year, so of course we have some new pictures on the page.  If you want to take a look click here.

Of course, we also just finished Thanksgiving.  We just had the parents over, and mostly just played with the kids and ate.  The turkey turned out just great, and we all had a good time (more pics).  Like a complete idiot, I decided to try and go shopping at Fry's Electronics on Black Friday... big mistake.  I got to the Fry's in Burbank at 5:30 am (a half hour before they opened) and the line was around the building.  I didn't even stop... just kept driving and went back home.  This will be a year of Internet shopping for me.

Julie on the other hand drug my mother out and went shopping all day.  Apparently the day included sitting in line for over an hour at J.C. Penney's just to check out.... oh what fun!  Luckily for me, she ended up going to Fry's later in the day and picked up the few items that I really wanted to get.  I don't know how I got lucky enough to get such a wonderful wife!

Kyle and Blake have been enjoying themselves with all the comings and goings of family.  From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Black Friday Shopping, and then our trip to Disneyland it's just one fun thing after another for them. Speaking of Halloween, I finally put up pictures of the kids in their outfits... click here to see. We also decided to make a Gingerbread House with the kids this year.  Kyle loved it, however it was hard trying to get him to not eat all the candy...  Click here to see pictures of our finished product.

Since my birthday I have become an iPod Junkie, I don't go anywhere without the thing.  I have 9.5 days worth of music on there so far, and I'm adding new things almost every day.  It pretty much tops my favorite toy list right now.  Now I just have to keep from constantly spending money on accessories all of the time. (Oh those wonderful toys!)

Waltsdisneyland.com is up and running, and while there's not as much up there as I would like, we're working on adding new things daily.  If you have any ideas for the site, please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We're always looking for new ideas.  I did get my annual passport the other day at our trip to Disneyland, so that should make pictures, articles, and ideas for the site easier.

That's pretty much it for now... I should have new items up after the holidays (it will probably be too busy until then to do any more updates), so come back and take a look with the new year.  And yes.... I will be working on the Satan Papers... so you have to come back and take a look then...

So have a Happy Holiday Season, and a great New Year!


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