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Friday, 23 February 2018
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Written by Julie   
Saturday, 04 December 2004

Christmas is upon us now. In normal fashion I have things way ahead of schedule. By December 4th we've already been to Disneyland, decorated the house with lights, put up our house decorations and Christmas tree. (It's artificial so that it won't be dry like a potato chip in two weeks, and I don't have to water it). Blake is fascinated with the tree and constantly pulls ornaments off of it. Currently there are two plastic ornaments in a newly damaged state, and about 6 or 7 balls broken so far this year. All in all, I am very pleased to be nearly done Christmas shopping, with only a few gifts yet to purchase, and Santa's list for the little ones nicely filled.

Advice to other Virgos out there - you know who you are you ridiculous, meticulous minimalists - don't watch the TLC show "Clean Sweep". I have found it hard to ignore when it is on and just become fixated. So far I have cleaned out all of my drawers and closet and donated three bags of clothes, gone through all of the boys' toys and the toy box and thinned the herd, cleaned out my rafters in my garage, cleaned the garage itself about 45%, and cleaned out my hall closet and donated all old linens and things we never use. It's like a compulsion, I sit for a moment and find myself driven to clean and simplify and space. I have to find a good home for a portable crib/play yard. I will be calling around to find it a good home soon as it sits in our closet completely unused. Blake just leaps out of it now, useless thing...... Right now the cabinets under my stovetop are calling me.....Julieeee....there are useless old pans in here so pleeeease set us free and donate us......... Damn show. I think I should go and drink a martini and tell them all to bugger off.

So if you're not cleaning like the freak that I have become, or doing holiday fun, or shopping, then please try to relax this season. I am quite content to sit with my two boys asleep on my lap while I zone out to the TV or a movie. I cook and clean and shop and child rear all week 24/7, time for the relaxing cocoa drinking and snuggling to begin.


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