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Kipper, The newest member of our family Print E-mail
Written by Kevin   
Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Yes, you read right, we have a new member in our family and her name is Kipper.  She found me at work on December 7th, after a co-worker had rescued her from the street.  After spending the day with me at work, she came home to meet the wife and kids, and Kyle fell in love with her.  He decided that he wanted to have a new dog, and by the end of the evening had named her Kipper.

The next day I took her back with me to work, so I could take her to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA once they opened in the morning. According to California state law, you must take any strays you find the Animal Shelter, and they must hold the animal for 4 days in attempt to find it's original owner.  Once I dropped her off I signed up to be first on the list of people to take her home, if no one comes to claim her. We found out that she would be ready to come home on Saturday, December 11th.

On Friday, December 10th Julie called to see if she was still there, and if there was going to be any issues picking her up.  She came to find out that the Counselors at the Pasadena Humane Society did not recommend Kipper for family's with kids under 12.  After much pressing, we could not get a reason to why they felt that way (other than the fact that she had scored low on the tests they give), and so we decided not to pick her up on Saturday and to look at other Animal Shelters to look for another dog for Kyle.

We spent most of the day Saturday looking, and since I had already filled out the forms at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, we decided to head out there.  While looking for another dog there, we found that Kipper was still there, despite already having a long waiting list of people who said that they wanted her. We asked about her and found that while she did have a waiting list, no one on that list had come to claim her, so she was still available for adoption.  Not ready yet to make a decision, we left her there, after putting our names on her "last chance" list (so they would call us before putting her to sleep).  At the end of the day, we had not found any other Dog for Kyle, and went home.

Finally this last Tuesday, December 15th, we decided that regardless of the recommendations of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, we would take Kipper home with us and make her a new member of the family.  I have never seen a happier dog, than when she came back to our home to stay for good.  She slept on Kyle's bed last night, almost until Kyle fell asleep, and then came to sleep with Julie and I.  Kyle is of course happy as can be... and Blake just runs after her yelling "Doggie" all the time.

So, Welcome to the newest member of our Family.... Kipper

PS. It took us a few days, but we finally found where the name Kipper came from with the help of Kyle's teacher.  Click here if you want to know how Kipper got her name.


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