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Written by Julie   
Monday, 06 June 2005

I've been called upon once more to give the news of what's happening in the Reelfs family, so here it is. Kyle is graduating from Pre-Kindergarten this week on June 10th. He has had a wonderful year with his teacher, Miss Sharon Walker. He is having a graduation with little hats and food and all the parents there to hear the little ones sing "What a Wonderful World" as sung by Louie Armstrong. Kyle says, "No, Mom, it's called Louie Armstrong Wonderful World, That's just the guy who plays the thing where he blows his cheeks real big. The musician, Louie Armstrong". He certainly has his own impressions of how the world works these days. His teacher will be giving a Kindergarten crash course which Kyle will attend for six weeks just before school starts, but for now he will be taking swim lessons and watching extra episodes of his favorite cartoons like "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi". Who knew my son would like Anime at five?

Blake turned two in May and we celebrated quietly at home with his grandparents because we were very busy at the time. Just cake and presents at home on his birthday. He got Weebles and Blocks and Star Wars toys. My son has decided all the Star Wars toys like the Millennium Falcon are "MINE" (i.e. his). He lovingly holds his little figures, "Bacca" and "Deetoo". He was probably just as excited about seeing Episode III as his Dad was. He has also gotten all of his molars in, which disturbed some of our sleep for quite some time, but has finally calmed down.

This June we are heading to Puerto Penasco, a little town just south of the border from Arizona 55 miles into Mexico. My Mom has a timeshare ownership in "Mayan Palace" resorts. Warm, calm beaches, pools, a spa, and nice condos with beautiful views. It promises to be a nice relaxing vacation for us all. Kevin is not so sure because he doesn't relax much, so it will be a change for him. Our vacations usually have moving from place to place every 2-3 days in it, so 8 days in one spot may be weird for him.

So for the next several months it will be lots of sun, fun, swimming and perhaps camping up in Sequoia's Mineral King come the 4th of July weekend if all goes well. As for me, I am trying to go to the gym and lose the last few pounds this summer. I hope to go consistently once school starts and Kyle is gone for 5 hours a day at school. I am also taking a summer class in Tole Painting. Why Tole Painting? Because I wasn't ready for cake decorating (too hot in summer), and I'm trying not to take classes solely devoted to Linux, computers, or Unix for a while. Broadening the horizons I hope.

Now that Kevin's done with Star Wars camping, he's trying to plan a trip over the fourth of July to Mineral King, and he's taken an interest in mostly catching up on his reading. You'll have to email him on what it is currently, since his subjects are varied and I hardly keep up with them. We will try to keep the web page updated as much as possible and hope to hear from you whenever time permits.


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