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Written by Kevin   
Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Well, the "kid bowling" was pretty quiet, that is until about 12 or 1 in the morning. I had the joy of being awakened to the noise of something being drug across the floor in the room above me. Maybe I'll just be used to it in a few days.... but I doubt it.

Julie and I started off the day by heading to the gym, yes you heard me right, the gym. Just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean I'm going to let myself blow up to the size of a house. Julie and I found ourselves to be pretty exhausted from all the excitement over the weekend and didn't spend as much time on the aerobic machines as we usually do. Julie headed back to the room to get her sandals because today was the day she was getting her pedicure and I was getting my massage. I spent a little while on the weight equipment, and then headed out to meet up with Julie.

We headed into the spa and once there I headed back to take a quick shower. I didn't really feel like giving the masseuse the unfortunate experience of having to massage a sweaty man. After my shower I put on my robe and waited for the masseuse to come get me. I won't go into any details about the massage (mostly to spare people the mental picture of me getting massaged... oops, too late), other than to say it was one hell of a massage. After it was over I spent a few minutes relaxing on the couch before I got changed and went out to meet Julie. She was still in the process of getting her pedicure so I headed back to the room.

The room was deserted when I got there so I took a quick glance over the pool and saw that Grandma and Grandpa had taken the kids to the pool. I decided to take advantage of the time and headed over to the Cybercafe to update the web site. I spent way too much time playing on the computer there and when I got back to the room, I found that Julie had already come and gone to the pool. I quickly changed and headed off to meet up with them.

By the time I got there the kids had already gotten out of the pool and Blake was dead asleep on Grandpa's chest. Kyle wanted to get back in the pool, so I jumped in with him and spent the next couple of hours playing with him in the pool. Today Kyle had his water wings on, so we had a much more enjoyable time playing in the water. I had the fun of tossing him about the pool and having him swim after me. Finally I decided that it was time to get out of the pool and relax, and amazingly enough Kyle didn't argue.... too much.

Blake Asleap on his lounge chair.

We all laid by the pool for a while and had a couple drinks while Blake continued to sleep, now wrapped up in a towel on a lounge chair in the shade. Kyle decided he wanted to take some pictures, so I gave him the camera and he took some pictures of us and of the pool. After a little bit Blake finally woke up and we decided to head back up to the room. Before going however we had the fun of watching the water aerobics class that just started in the pool right in front of us.Water Aerobics At one point the very handsome Latino young man leading everyone in the class set everyone up for a race. The reward for wining this race was, as he put it "A private night alone with me". Boy did the race become serious after that. Mind you, there were about fifteen or twenty women in the class, most of them in the 40 and over crowd, and I think the main purpose of the aqua aerobics class was mostly for their visual enjoyment and not really the exercise.

Once back at the room we decided it was time to eat, so we quickly changed clothes and headed over to the poolside bar and grill for lunch. The food here at the resort is better than most local places, and the cost is not that different. Besides, any more frijoles and we were going to have to thrown out of the room by our children due to noxious gases. Surprisingly enough, today we didn't have to wait long at all for our lunch..... just for dessert. After lunch we headed back to the room to relax for a while.

There are "movies" showing here at the resort, and Julie saw they were showing "The Incredibles" this morning at the front desk and signed us up. Her Mom said earlier to sign up, as the movies fill up quickly. When we got there we saw that they have about 20 seats for a movie, and her Mom wasn't kidding, it filled up. The kids had a good time, they brought popcorn in for everyone, and hey, where else can you get hammered on 2 for 1 drinks while watching a movie and not have to drive home?? The boys, asleep in bed.Kyle went back to playing video games after the movie and we all just sat around the room, watching TV, reading books, etc. We got the kids to bed at their regular bed time, which is an amazing feat, especially since they are sleeping in the same bed. We decided to end the day on a high note... so for our movie selection we picked Schindler's List.

About halfway through the movie at just before 10 pm the "kid bowling" started again, this time worse than ever. It almost sounded like they were jumping in place or deliberately dropping large objects on the floor. Julie headed out on the balcony to tell the family above us that there were a five and two year old sleeping and could they kindly keep it down. Once again they acted like they were making no noise at all, and saying they did not have to go to bed when we went to bed. Julie decided to stop arguing with them and told them we would just call the front desk. I decided to take it one step further and just head up and talk to the manager myself. After explaining the situation he said that he would take care of it, and I headed back to the room. This time it seemed to work, seeing as how it's just after 11 pm as I write this, and other that a slight noise here and there, it's been as quiet as can be above us. Hopefully I'll get a good night sleep tonight.!

Kid Bowling
Written by ginger on 2005-06-14 16:54:27
Hope that's the end of it. I don't know about you but I get grumpy when my sleep is constantly interrupted. And Doug ..., well let's just say that if he were there he'd go thru the roof!!! As you well know, it takes alot to get he upset but once he's lost it, everyone better watch out.  
Written by excuseemee on 2005-06-14 09:26:19
You ever see that episode of "Seinfeld" where George gets a massage by a male masseuse and is aroused? I hope that didn't happen to you! 
So I take it you didn't participate in the race?

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