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Sunday, 25 February 2018
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Written by Kevin   
Wednesday, 15 June 2005

How wonderful it is to sleep and not have to listen to the "kid bowling" going on upstairs. We all had a good and quiet night's sleep Monday night, now that the noise had ceased. However, by my own choice, I still did not get a full night's sleep. This is because today I decided to stake claim on one of the 6 covered beds they have situated around the pool. After waking up a few times, looking outside and deciding that it was still too dark to get up, I finally got up to go stake my claim around 5 am. Yes, you heard me right... I got up at 5 am. Now even I thought I was being a little over zealous as I quietly gathered my stuff and went outside, but sure enough when I got there 2 of the covered beds were already taken. I staked my claim on one of the beds and sat down in a lounge chair next to it to read my book. Within a half an hour of my arrival, the other 3 beds were taken, so I decided then that my idea of waking up at 5 am was no longer a bad one.

As I sat there for the next couple of hours, I watched family after family come out and put towels on lounge chairs to mark their spot. I was surprised at the number of people who just showed up, dropped their towel, and did not return until hours later. Maybe it's just because of the many days I stayed waiting in line for Star Wars Episode III, but I think that they should be required to have at least one person at all times saving their place. Just showing up and dropping a towel or a bag shouldn't be enough. There were many angry people who showed up later on that morning and complained bitterly to the hotel folks out around the pool. But like Julie's Mom said, even if there were 20 of those things out there, it still would never be enough. I even had the fun of watching the family who is staying above us (our charming neighbors who are so considerate of others) come out to find that they were too late to get one of the beds, and that I had one of them.

It was actually nice having the time to myself to just relax and read. Didn't have to worry about the kids, or if I was paying enough attention to everyone (you all know how good I am at ignoring people from time to time). Basically I was able to do whatever I wanted to do.... as long as it could be done sitting poolside on the covered bed. The rest of the family came out to join me around 8 - 8:30 am, so I headed back up to the room to change. I also took the time to head over to the Cybercafe and update the web page with day 3's pictures and journal. That ended up taking longer than expected (as always), but I was very happily surprised at how many people had not only been going to the site, but actually commenting on the journal. I guess spamming everyone daily pays off! (JK)

Once back at the pool I decided that today would be the day to lay out and burn my skin to that nice golden color. Julie had to talk me out of buying the tan accelerator in the hotel shop, she said something about cancer, I just decided to take her word for it and somehow burned after re-applying an SPF 30 or 50 all day. I also wanted to take the time to walk out to the beach and actually head out into the Sea of Cortez. I mean it only makes sense that if you're going to stay at a beachside resort, that you actually go out on the beach at least once. Everyone had me a little worried about heading out there, with their talk of Rays and Jellyfish, but I went out anyways..... with Julie there to protect me. The beach here goes on... and on... and on, and when the tides goes out, it goes way out. Once you get to the water, you can keep walking and walking until you even get waist deep. The water is warm, and clear, it almost made me upset that I didn't bring my scuba gear. Honestly however, there is not much to see under the ocean here, at least here by the resort. Julie and I walked around for a little bit, and then headed back to check on the kids. Along the way we picked up a few sea shells, a nice free souvenir. Once again, by the time we got back Blake was passed out asleep.

You'd think that after 2 days of being in the pool, that the kids would be getting tired of it, or at least pruned, however that was far from true. For the majority of the day we had to fight with the kids to get them out of the water and into the shade. Kyle spent the morning playing in the "kid" area of the pool with a little girl he met that morning. Once Blake woke up, he, Kyle and I? went over to the main part of the pool to go swimming.Blake in his baby boat. Blake decided that he wanted to go over to the waterfall area of the pool, where the main portion of the pool spilled over into a lower, much smaller pool. The drop here is only about 3 feet, but remember that Blake is only about 3 feet tall. Blake and Kyle kept dropping over the edge only to have me pick them up put them back over the edge so they can drop again. Now Blake of course cannot swim, so he has one of those baby boats that surrounds him and keep him upright at all times. Unfortunately, if he drops 3 feet over the side of the pool into a smaller pool, eventually he will flip upside down, and the boat that's supposed to keep him above the water now keeps him under the water. So after quickly flipping him upright, Blake coughed and sputtered for a moment, then wanted to go right back up and do it all over again. This only serves to remind me to keep Julie drinking throughout the day so she won't become as upset as she probably should be.

Eventually I had to drag them both out of the pool and into the shade so we could order lunch. We ate at our poolside bed and relaxed in the shade for a bit. After lunch Julie and I headed back out to the beach, primarily so I could get some pictures from the beach. I thought the beach was warm in the morning... it was basically bath water in the afternoon. Brian's WifeWe walked in the water for a short time, but I was really starting to feel the sun on my face so we headed back to the pool. Kyle and Blake were back in the water with Grandma when we got back, and I decided that it was time for them to get out before they burned to a crisp. Grandma and grandpa headed back to the room and we sat on the poolside bed and watched the family next to us for a while. The father (Brian, I later found out is his name) was a big, bald, loud and brawny man, who had a wife with a dark bronze tan and large breasts that she picked up at the plastic surgeon's office. He was having fun finding teenage boys and bringing them over to check out a MILF.... in other words his wife. In her defense, she was in very nice shape for having two 8-12 year old daughters, but she acted a lot younger and had the compulsory back and ankle tattoos and a bellybutton piercing. They were a fun couple, even when drunk and burned to a nice crisp by about 3:00 in the afternoon. I'm sure we'll see them by the pool later because Brian offered the waiter $20 every day this week if the guy could get him a poolside bed each day. We gave our bed up to him and his family this afternoon because he played with Blake in the pool with his water toys and was just generally nice. Drunk for this guy equals fun and nice, good to know....

We decided to eat in tonight since gastrointestinal distress wasn't on the menu. Julie's step dad Joe made Italian and we had a nice quiet dinner. It was a nice break from the bloated and awful feeling that comes after most resort food. After dinner we got the kids to bed, who both promptly passed out, then we finished watching Schindler's List. Amazingly enough the people above us were still quiet... will wonders never cease. The Mayan Palace ResortWe even got to go outside and see the resort at night. They have fire pits with big stone benches and the pool and areas around the hotel are all lit up. And the stars are so easy to see without the massive pollution we are used to around LA. We were also treated to impromptu fireworks displays on the beach. Fireworks are cheap here and we see them trying to sell them everywhere, so I guess people figure why not go blow something up while in a? foreign country? I wonder if that would be covered in our insurance, me blowing a hand off on the beach....

Where are day 5 pictures and newsletter?
Written by rreelfs on 2005-06-16 10:01:58
I can hardly wait to see the next letter and pictures. I'm sharing your newletters here at work and everyone want to know who you write for??
Looks like too much fun
Written by haleclan on 2005-06-15 22:17:09
I am jealous but I am glad your are baking those cancer cells in!!!!! Don't worry we will too as soon as our pool is done. :grin Thank you for my password. I had a brain fry and felt like I was being left out. Have a great time relaxing and sunning. Call when you get back and we will get together.
Looking forward to the update
Written by rreelfs on 2005-06-15 16:58:23
Loving the articles

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