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Written by Kevin   
Thursday, 16 June 2005

Today was a day of absolutely nothing, and it was sort of nice. I'm not one who is used to sitting around and doing nothing, so this was a bit of a change for me, but overall I enjoyed it. It's hard, because with two kids you never truly get to fully relax and do nothing, but today was about as close as you can get. No getting up at 5 am today, I actually slept in until about 7:30 and didn't get up until 8. It's amazing how well Kyle and Blake are sleeping together, I was figuring that they would beat up each other in their sleep. We did find out that Kyle still sleep talks however, because around 10 pm Kyle sat straight up in bed and started talking about wanting to watch a movie. When I got into the room and touched him, he immediately slumped over and was back to being dead asleep.

Julie and her mother were going to town to pick up a few things, so I left Kyle playing video games and headed with Blake to the cyber cafe to update the web site. Within a few minutes of getting to the cyber cafe, Blake started .... how do you say it, not smelling just right. Sure enough a few minutes later he came over to tell me "daddy... poopie", oh the joys of fatherhood. I quickly updated the web site and headed back to the room to change the dirty boy. One thing that I realized on the way back to the room, is how "addicted" I am to the Internet. I know that may seem strange (but then again to the people who know me well are probably saying "no duh..."), but I do find that I'm looking for any excuse to go to the cyber cafe and keep in touch with everyone. I'm sure everyone is so surprised.

Julie and her mother related to me later the joys of the trip to town. They were looking for the pharmacy to get some drugs. Yes, drugs here are both cheap and available without a prescription. You can get Amoxicillin or B12 injections or anything you can imagine for like, one third the price. Along the way they went past the bad end of town and saw the shanty villages. It's hard to imagine living that way, and it makes you feel a little grateful. For me it just would make me drive faster, back to the hotel.

Once I got him changed Grandpa and I took the kids down to the indoor pool to do a little swimming. It was nice being indoors and out of the sun, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would be burnt to a crisp within a few hours. Before too long however, both the kids decided they were hungry, so we headed back to the room leaving grandpa to relax at the pool. Back at the room I find that Julie and her mother had returned from town and were getting ready to head down to the pool to meet us. Julie nappingThey decided to stay at the room at that point and wait for grandpa to come back. The boys ate their lunch and then Julie and I ordered lunch from the bar and grill. With lunch we ordered a couple margaritas, and apparently they make their margaritas on a 5 to 1 mix.... 5 parts tequila to 1 part margarita mix. Needless to say, soon after lunch Julie and I were both flying high and ended up both taking a nap. I went into the bedroom to sleep and Julie just passed out on the couch.

Around 3 pm Blake, who was also napping in the bedroom, woke up and decided to slam shut the door to the bedroom. It was to that wonderful sound which I awoke to, but amazingly enough Julie continued to sleep. I finally woke Julie up around 3:30 because we had signed up to see Spiderman in the movie room at 4 pm. We got the kids ready and headed on down. Blake lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes before he was bored and wanted to go outside. I headed out with him and we wondered around in the lobby while Julie and Kyle watched the rest of Spiderman. While out in the lobby I happened to look up at the skylight ceiling in the main lobby and saw that they had some interesting cutouts, I took a picture of course.

Julie in her new outfit.

After the movie we all headed back to the room and fed Kyle and Blake dinner, while Grandma and Grandpa went out to the restaurant for dinner. We had decided earlier that we all wanted to have a nice quiet dinner at the resort restaurant, and the best way to do that was to take turns watching the children at the room while each couple went out to dinner. When Grandma and Grandpa got back, we sat around for a while and we waited for the sun to go down (this is because I wanted to go to the restaurant at night, when it is lit up an very pretty). We need to respond to an email my mother had sent the other night, so Julie and I headed up to the cyber cafe yet again. We got back just as the sun was setting and took a couple of very nice pictures out on the balcony (now I have to pick which one will be on my desk when I get back next week).

Julie and I headed out around 8 pm to go to dinner. We got seated right away and got a nice table next to the window overlooking the ocean. Julie opted for a salad (something almost like a Cobb, except with a vinaigrette dressing), and I opted for the nightly buffet. Every night at the restaurant they have a different buffet, and tonight's buffet was a steak buffet (other nights they have a seafood buffet, Asian buffet, Arabian buffet, and more..). You could have up to 2 T-Bone steaks and 2 New York steaks, also with all the other items on the buffet. I opted for 1 New York steak and then picked other items from the buffet line. Julie's DessertOne of the more odd things that I got was a cooked cactus with peppers and onions, that was very tasty. For dessert I headed back to the buffet and picked numerous different custards and cakes, while Julie ordered a hot chocolate cake. Julie's dessert came beautifully prepared but was a little too rich for my taste, Julie however was in chocolate heaven!

After dinner we walked around the pool area, while I took a few nighttime pictures of the resort. We were also treated to another beachside fireworks display, at least until the resort security came out to tell them that they were too close to the resort and had to move. Tonight there was many more people around the pool and relaxing by the outdoor fireplaces. To finish off the evening we took a romantic walk on the beach. Back at the room Blake apparently put himself to bed, and Kyle (with a little encouragement) quickly followed. Once we all got back to the room we just sat around and watched a little HBO, before heading off to bed, our day of absolutely nothing was finished.

Written by vreelfs on 2005-06-17 08:20:40
Kevin go enjoy your vacation. By the way have you informed any staff at your resort of your web site. Can't hurt.
Written by rreelfs on 2005-06-16 15:46:38
Got my vacation fix for the moment. It is quite enjoyable living your vaction through words.

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