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Puerto Penasco Day 6 Print E-mail
Written by Kevin   
Friday, 17 June 2005

Last night was OK... our wonderful neighbors above us got into their room about 1 am and ended up making enough noise to wake me up. I can't complain however, they were much better that they were the first few nights, and after 15 - 20 mins they were quiet enough for me to go back to sleep... and I'm a pretty light sleeper. We did end up sleeping longer than normal (until about 8 - 8:30 am), and we even got up after Grandma and Grandpa. The morning ended up being a lazy one, much like yesterday, in fact today turned out to be almost a carbon copy of yesterday.

We started off the morning by heading over to see the model of a "Grand Mayan" room. Julie's parents recently upgraded their timeshare to the "Grand Mayan" and wanted to show us what the rooms would look like.? Unfortunately, the "Grand Mayan" hasn't been built at this location yet, but maybe one day we'll check out the "Grand Mayan" in Acapulco or Cancun, if we don't want to wait for this one to be built. We headed up to the front of the resort to get someone to drive us over in a golf cart to see the model. The "Grand Mayan" looks as if it is going to be very luxurious. Whirlpool tubs in each bedroom, and even a private pool on each patio. We wondered around for a few minutes and I took a few pictures, before we headed back to the main resort.

We went down to the indoor pool once again, and I headed up to the Cybercaf? to.... you guessed it, update the web page. I spent a little more time to chat with everyone at work, everything seemed to be pretty much normal there so we just chatted. Once I finished reading all the "you lucky bastard", "you lazy bastard" and the "F you, you Fing F" (OK, I made the last one up) comments (oh, I'm given so much love and respect from my co-workers), I headed down to meet up with the family.

Blake checking out a

Kyle was in the pool with Julie and Grandma and Grandpa were sitting on the lounge chairs watching Blake run around the poolside. I jumped in the pool and Kyle showed me the new trick he learned. He walked up to the edge of the pool, turned around backwards, and then did a back flip into the pool! For a child who is afraid of being in the pool without his "water wings" on, he sure has no fear once he has them. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this trick, but it was an amazing sight to see. I'm sure someone somewhere is thinking to themselves while reading this "Like Father, Like Son". Before too long Kyle wanted to head out to the outdoor pool, so I took him and Blake and headed outside.

We played around in the deep end for a short bit, but before too long Kyle wanted to head over to the "kid pool" area. It is nice for the kids because Kyle feels safe without his "water wings" and Blake can touch the bottom of the pool so he doesn't need his "baby boat". We had a fun time splashing around in the pool and Julie snapped a few pictures of me and the kids. Dad and Kyle playing in the pool.Blake and I played our favorite game of "shooting", where we "shoot" each other with our fingers and "die" very dramatically. I would stand on the edge of the pool and let Blake's "shots" hit me and throw me back into the pool. Blake would "die" on the steps where he could keep his head above water when he fell over. Just about noon Julie and I decided that it was time to take the kids back to the room for lunch.

Back at the room we attempted to get the kids to each lunch and sat and watched some TV. In case you are curious, California car chases do get international attention. For about 15 - 20 minutes we watched a car chase heading north on the 101 freeway, it's amazing what's considered international news. Eventually I realized that Blake was not about to take a nap without a fight, so like any good father, I made my wife put him to bed. Kyle continued to play video games while Blake and Julie took a nap. I decided to take relaxing to it's extreme and take a bath. I don't know what it is, but there is something about a bath that just makes your whole body relax.

After my bath, Julie and Blake were both still asleep so I decided to feed my addiction and head back up to the Cybercaf?. Shortly after getting out of the bath I heard that there was a pretty large earthquake in Southern California so I wanted to see how strongly it was felt at work. I talked with everyone and found that it was pretty strong out there at JPL, but nothing to worry about. I spent a little bit of time cleaning up my work email box and my home email as well, and of course checked out the website to see how everything was doing. I headed back to the room to find that Julie and Blake had woken up from their nap, and Julie had decided to wash up and take a shower.

Once Julie was ready, we all headed down to the movie room to watch the movie selection for the evening, Finding Nemo. Once again Blake did not want to sit through the movie, so he and I headed out into the lobby yet again. While sitting out there with Blake I realized that I was starting to get bored. It's not to say that I haven't been enjoying my vacation, that is far from the truth. It's just that this is not what I'm used to when it comes to vacations. My idea of a perfect vacation is much like the trip we did back in 2001 (go to the photo gallery to see pictures). That year we drove up the coast, all they way to Victoria, Canada. Then we headed east, finally reaching Yellowstone National Park, then finally south through Las Vegas and back home again. My point is that I'm used to doing something new each day on my vacations, which needless to say it much different than here. The closest I've ever come to something like this, is when we spent 1 week at the Walt Disney World resort (2002, once again pictures are in the photo gallery), but there is always something new to do every day there. Here however, beyond the pool and the beach and the restaurants and the movies, and everything else that I've done already, there is not much else to do. I think I would do much better in a place like Cancun, Mazatlan, or Acapulco, where there are many more things to do, other than being at the resort. Unfortunately, if you're not into drinking yourself into a stupor, and foam parties (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, just ask around I'm sure someone you know has stories), there is not much to do at Rocky Point.

Blake on the patio at sunset.

Eventually Blake decided that he wanted a drink, so he and I headed back to the room. Julie and Kyle showed up fairly quickly after Blake and I got there (Finding Nemo is a pretty short movie), and we sat the kids down to eat. Blake was in rare form and decided that he didn't want to eat his dinner, and then he did, and then he didn't and so on. Julie ate some leftovers, and I ordered a cheeseburger from room service (I have to say, they do make one hell of a cheeseburger here). We turned on The Untouchables and kicked back and relaxed. Blake was still running around like a mad man and it was getting late, so Julie and I decided to put the kids to bed. By the time the kids were in bed, the movie was over so we put in another movie, The Visitors.

So overall, there is not much to report here today, just another lazy day. We're probably going to relax by the pool again tomorrow most of the day and pack to go home on Saturday. It has been an experience learning how to relax this time around. There will be adventures soon, as I am sure I cannot resist the need to plan them. In fact I'm already working on a plan on how to take a different route home... even in something as simple as a drive I'll look for adventure.

Come to think of it..
Written by jason on 2005-06-20 10:01:40
The federalis probably know the surname 'Reelfs'. Brian . Might not be a good idea to raise their ire. You could be sentenced to life without parole as the bedmate of a very large and sweaty Mexican who calls you his 'little cochina'. 
I shudder at the thought of it.
Make your own excitement
Written by Jason on 2005-06-20 09:38:24
Show them how they do it 'the Chicago way'! 
I'm certain you'll be asked never to return. That is, if you can avoid the Fedaralis!
Written by excuseemee on 2005-06-18 00:14:13
"The thrill is gone."  
Well, hope you enjoyed it. You know you could've saved your vacation...We could've put a pool in the middle of the Support Center and knocked down the walls and had our own Puerto Penasco. I don't think you could've been able to tell the difference. :grin (OK..maybe)

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