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Sunday, 25 February 2018
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Written by Kevin   
Saturday, 18 June 2005

Well, we've come to our last day at the resort. Today we woke up at a normal time, and by normal time I mean 6:30 am. Kyle woke up first, and since no one was awake he decided to entertain himself by talking.... to himself.... loudly. After yelling at him multiple times to be quiet, I gave up and got up myself. Julie quickly got ready and headed down to the pool to claim a spot. Her mother followed her down there, to only find that all the "choice" spots (you know, the ones with shade) had been taken. There is a small patio just off the pool (which actually covers all the pool equipment) and they have a few lounge chairs and umbrellas set up there, so Julie and her mother set our stuff up there. By the time they came back to the room, the kids had been fed and were watching TV.

While grandma and grandpa got ready, Julie and I headed to the Cybercaf? to check email and update the website. We finished that up as quickly as we could and headed back to the room to meet up with grandma, grandpa and the kids. Once there, we all headed down to the pool together around 8 am and even though it was not that warm yet, we jumped into the pool. Now, it really doesn't ever get cold here at night, and even the ocean here stays fairly warm all the time, so my only guess is that the ice cube fairy visits the pool at night to chill the pool to that wonderful "wake your ass up" temperature. Blake cried upon entry, I did that oh so classy "gasping for air" move after jumping in and Julie got in up to her waist and quickly got back out again.

Kyle's Sunburnt Face

After playing with the kids for about a half an hour or so, I decided that it was time to get out and head back to the family. In a effort to get rid of my "great white whale" look, I decided to lay out in the sun for a while (more on this later). Quickly we found out why the patio that we were on is not so popular.... First, it is on a slightly raised platform surrounded by...... cactus. Yes that's right lots of very pretty, very thorny cactus, and not just the ones with those small little thorns. No these ones have those needle sharp, three inch long, pierce your liver if you fall on it, thorns. This becomes really exciting when you have a 2 year old who enjoys leaning over the side at all times. Second, by what magic or science I don't know but once the sun rises, the surface of the patio becomes just a few degrees cooler than the surface of the sun. After laying out for about a half an hour, it was time to retreat to the shade.

I didn't get to relax for too long in the shade because the kids wanted to get back into the pool. We jumped in (much warmer now) and headed out across the pool to swim. Blake headed back to his favorite spot, just above the waterfall from the upper pool to the lower pool, and we played our "shooting game" yet again. Eventually I was able to convince Blake to head over to the "kid pool" area so he could play around without his "baby boat" for a while. I have to say, it's amazing how much fun you can have in 2 feet of water. After a couple of hours in the pool, got the kids to agree (and by agree, I mean I dragged them kicking and screaming) to head back to the patio. Back at the patio I took some time to lay out to work on my tan again (once again, more on this later). After a short tanning session, Julie and I took the kids out on the beach to take a quick dip in the Sea of Cortez. Blake did not want to go at all, and especially did not like getting sand in his sandals. Kyle didn't really want to go, but ended up having a good time walking in the shallow (waist deep for him) water, and picking up a few shells along the way.

Before too long, we all decided that we were pretty waterlogged, and that we would have lunch poolside before heading back to the room. For lunch the kids had some Chicken Nuggets, Julie had an order of Nachos and I had a Chicken Enchiladas with Black Mole sauce.? For those of you who don't know what Black Mole sauce is (like me, before lunch today), it is a spicy sauce make with cocoa powder, that has the basic consistency of... sorry about this description... baby diarrhea.? Overall, not a favorite of mine (in flavor or texture), but it was something new and exciting to try. Julie said that you usually see mole served on rotisserie style chicken served with rice, but this was at least a brave attempt to be adventurous for me. After lunch, we headed back to the room where we all decided that tonight we had had enough of the food at the resort and would head to town for dinner. We had a few hours before it was time to go, so we took the time to clean up and shower and also pack everything in preparation for tomorrow.

Julie's mother and I decided to head over to the Cybercaf?, in order to check email one last time before heading home. Once there I found that using the Internet this afternoon was a lesson in patience... or futility, I'm not sure which. The "high speed" Internet was now, for some unknown reason" slower than dial-up. After waiting about a minute for each email to download, I decided to give up and head back to the room. Back at the room I come to find that Julie has not packed up a few things in preparation for tomorrow's departure.... she's packed up everything! I think she must have been a boy scout in a previous life. The kid's were starting to run around crazily at this point, so we decided that it was time to head into town for an early dinner.

Lunch at MOAB

Today I got to see a new part of town that I hadn't seen before. The area that we had gone to before apparently is called "Malecon", probably because the main street right there along the shore is Malecon Kino. Today we drove over to the Playa Bonita Beach area of town, which is just north of Malecon. We were going over there because Julie's mother had read about a Sushi bar that had all-you-can-eat sushi on Friday afternoons from 1-6. This certainly was not the "pretty" part of town, but then again I'm not really sure if there is a "pretty" part of town here. Well, I was a little nervous about going to a Sushi Bar in Mexico, but I was very nervous once we got there. Unlike your traditional Sushi Bar, where all the fish you are going to eat is out there in the open so you can see the quality of the fish, there was no fish in sight, even at the sushi bar. Nervous point #2, there was not a Japanese person in sight... not behind the bar, not in the back, not even in the office. Finally, we came to find there is no all-you-can-eat sushi on Friday, or any night for that matter. Everyone recognized my concern and since the prices here were not that great, we all decided to head somewhere else to eat.

Our next stop was the "Mirador" area of town, which is just south of the Malecon area, once again right along the beach. This looks to be the "spring break central" area of town, with many bars and clubs (well, at least the closest thing you could call to clubs here in Mexico) long the main drag, Matamoros / 1st Street. My guess is that my friend Cristina could tell me a story or two about the parties on this street. We stopped here to eat at a fairly new restaurant - MOAB (Mother Of All Burgers). Here you order your burger "as you like it", and let me tell you however you make it, you will like it. It was one hell of a juicy and tasty burger which seemed to be made of ground sirloin, not just your regular hamburger. My advice to those who go there though, the "regular" sized burger is just fine for even the hungriest tourist. If you get the real "Mother of All Burgers", you will be taking half home in a Styrofoam container and groaning on your way back to the hotel.? Kyle ate his kid sized cheeseburger, which says quite a lot since only McDonalds has actually been called a "good" burger by my son before this experience. After thoroughly enjoying our respective burgers, we headed back to the resort, stopping to get gas and a bottle of tequila for my friend Curtis along the way.

Blake's Tan Line

Back at the resort we got back to the room and took the time to give the kids a bath before bed. Blake, who only had a short nap was a complete psycho at this point, and we basically had to wrestle him into the bath. Once in the bath, we found that Blake had decided to take up a new career as the Coppertone Baby. He had such an amazing tan line that I had to just take a picture of it. Speaking of tan lines, back to my earlier references about laying out to tan. About the time that the children were getting their bath, I began to notice that no matter now cold the room got, I had this immense heat emanating from my upper arms. Sure enough, I had successfully shed my "great white whale" image, and now I'm the "great pink whale". Yes, that's right I gave myself a nice burn sitting out in the sun today, and now I am my own personal heater.

After their bath, I gathered the family together to take one last picture on the balcony. Sunsets here are just so beautiful that I had to get a picture of the whole family. Yet another picture that I can put on my desk when I get back to work. After the photo session, we put the children to bed, and sat down with a glass of wine to watch Hannibal on TNT. Nothing like ending the day watching a little cannibalism.


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