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Friday, 23 February 2018
Kyle's first Few Weeks of School Print E-mail
Written by Julie   
Friday, 16 September 2005
Kyle on the playground at school

So Kyle started out his first year at Justin Elementary this year. He has had the good fortune of having one of his pre-Kindergarten friends in the same class, and so he was able to start out with a pal in his class. His friend Jacob lives a block away and his Mom and I walk our kids to school. Good exercise and at $3 per gallon in gas, nothing could make more sense that NOT firing up the car for the 1 mile round trip drive each day. Besides, as all parents of school-age children know, the parking lot drop off and pick up cycle is HELL. Parents stop too long, talk on their phones, fix their lip gloss, and the line extends into a massive gridlock a block or so away from the actual school. His teacher, Mrs. Schleien (sh-lion) or Mrs. "S", happens top be the mother of three boys, the youngest of whom is five. What a blessing to have an experience Mother/Teacher. Our class has 15 boys and only 3 girls so there's a lot of testosterone in the room and it's good that she manages a house full of men as a daily practice.

A few things of note; germs have found the kids and the Moms. My walking partner has been down all week with an evil cold. I have been fighting the valiant fight to get over a had cold and stomach virus all week too, and I have watched about every Mom who picks up their kid deteriorate into a sniffly or green-looking mess these last few weeks. Kyle has remained immune except for a small cough that doesn't slow him down. He has decided he likes singing the songs for class this year and sings for us too. Last year he stared at the floor and whispered the words, but he's all fired up this year. I hear "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and "Three Cheers For The Red, White, and Blue" all the time. Homework has been successfully completed each day without complaint and we've had some play dates, and things appear to be running smoothly. He checked out his first Library book, and leaves the book in class so "Mrs S will have more books that way" he reasoned to me. Unfortunately I explained those books are supposed to come home so we can read them. He had expressed an early interest in compassion by wanting to give to his teacher, and I kind of like that. Maybe we'll get her some class books for Christmas.

What's to come, class pictures are this upcoming Wednesday the 21st. I will find something not so dorky to dress him in and hopefully gel the hair into obedience. I cut it so short that there's little room for disobedient strays. There will be a fall fundraiser, the wrapping paper and knick knack stuff. I will be probably annoying some of you with that, so be ready to ignore me. No Cub Scouts until next year, they have to be in first grade, and I think we're waiting T Ball until spring. And, Oh, the first field trip on an actual school bus to the pumpkin patch this October 21st. Ah the wonderful yellow school bus that our children don't actually ride to school, but now he'll have some idea of how it works. I wonder if they'll need my booster seat as Kyle is still only 41 pounds. Questions our parents never had to ask. *sigh* Write to Julie if you have any questions or if you just want to mention that the Ebola virus was spotted at your school so she can get out her trusty gas mask for her and Blake and avoid any further disease this cold and flu season.


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