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Sunday, 25 February 2018
We've made it to Hawaii Print E-mail
Written by Kevin   
Tuesday, 07 November 2006
Well, Here we are in Hawaii. We've been planing this trip to Maui for the past 3 years and it's finally here. The one thing that I'll say is the idea of a 6-7 hour flight from Los Angeles is a lot easier to deal with than the 10+ hour flight from Huntsville through Dallas/Ft. Worth. That was not a factor when we originally planned the trip, but it was still worth the long travel time. It was an opportunity to be with the boys' Godfather Tom who they had not seen since we had moved to Alabama. We had many nice snorkeling adventures, and even Kyle got in the water and did some snorkeling which made us all very proud. It was a wonderful way to spend the fall.

Grandpa Russ had decided after our trip to Lake Tahoe in 2003, that a trip to Hawaii would be the ultimate way to use his timeshare and enjoy the benefits of having it. We had to plan pretty far in advance because Hawaii is so popular, but we finally got our dates lined up and began planning.

Travelling with one child still in a car seat is a little difficult, what with cavity searches and all being nearly mandatory in every airport, but we survived and made it to Maui unscathed. It was a long trip, but the boys had Halloween candy and movies and plenty of things to do.

The highlights of the trip were; snorkeling off of Molokini crater, Atlantis submarine voyage, The Maui Ocean center, and our Road trip to Hana. Our snorkeling trip was a boat ride out to a crescent shaped volcanic crater where the water is clear and blue down about 100 feet of visibility and you can snorkel and see fish, small sharks, and the occasional sea turtle. Balke had to hand out on the boogie board because his swimming is not that strong, but Kyle did snorkel very competently for a six year old, and they saw some sharks and lots of fish. The Atlantis submarine voyage was an easier way to see the fish up close and personal, and it was air conditioned and you kept your hair dry! The Maui Ocean center had starfish to pet ,and sea turtles to see up close and personal, and the jellyfish. Blake's favorite part of the trip was seeing the baby jellyfish in their tanks, glowing and swooshing back and forth. Our road trip to Hana was so lovely. Unfortunately Kevin's driving made poor Tom sick by the end of the day, but we saw so many beautiful waterfalls and we had this really cheesy CD guide to laugh at along the ride. We even found a waterfall to swing out into over a rope swing. The boys had so much fun. Kevin used a cliff diving rope to get into one of the waterfalls and kept all of his limbs surprisingly. We had a wonderful time on our trip and it one we will not forget for a while. Kyle still asks about that rope swing on the road to Hana. It will be a memory for him for a long time to come.


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